Ownership Experience-Event Name 2

Event Name 1

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

This is sample text. Subaru fans’ meeting was held for Subaru owners to share their experiences and deepen their interaction with Subaru. The theme for the latest fans meeting was ‘Autumn weekend with Subaru’, which was held at an open auto camp with Subaru Special specification near a lake in Japan. A wide range of activities that can be enjoyed from small children to adults; stage events with activities such as talk shows, Subaru test drive experience, food court and BBQ were prepared for the enjoyment and to deepen interaction with Subaru fans. Subaru is continuously making such efforts to increase the Subaru brand loyalty of the existing Subaru owners, and at the same time, each owner is broadening reach to the surrounding areas by posting their experience at the event to SNS channels. Through Subaru’s brand value of ‘Enjoyment and Peace of Mind’ we will try to find out potential customers who can sympathize with this value.